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The Reputable Storm Damage Roof Repair Experts in Odessa

There’s no question that storms can cause major damage to your roof, which can result in damage to your home, too. PB Roofing in Odessa is here to help get your roof back to its watertight state, no matter how big or small the storm damage is.

Let us know how we can best support your storm repair efforts. We will always inspect your roof before any roof work to evaluate the exact work that needs to be done. If you file an insurance claim for damage, we’re happy to meet with you and your insurance adjuster during their inspection so that you have a second ear in the event there are next steps to take note of.

Has your home in or around Odessa, TX, been damaged by a storm? Give us a call for an inspection, where we will thoroughly evaluate your roof and provide you with the right recommendations on what to do next.

Emergency Repairs

When you’re in the middle of an emergency, PB Roofing is here to help. Whether it’s hail, wind, or rain, we will act fast and work efficiently to minimize further damage to your home. Even if your roof suffers damage in the middle of a storm, be sure to call us to help you find a temporary solution before evaluating a permanent one.

Insurance Claims Support

If your home has suffered storm damage and you file a claim with your insurance company, we are here to help support any repair efforts listed as a result of their investigation. We’re also happy to answer any questions about possible jargon that you may not understand so that you feel confident in navigating through the claims process on your own.

Odessa, TX Hail Damage Roof Repair Services

Our hail season varies from year to year and often unexpectedly. Don’t leave your roof unprepared! If your roof is impacted by hailstones, our roofers are ready to discuss how to best repair the damage to your roof. For preventative damage, you may also want to consider our asphalt roofing services. We use impact-resistant shingles to give your roof the best chance against hail.

Wind Damage

Wind damage can impact the appearance of your home and often cause unseen consequences. An unaware homeowner may end up delaying critical roof repairs. In the case of shingles, extreme winds can cause a loss of granules. This exposes the roof coating to external elements, prematurely aging the roof.

Roof Leaks

Roof leaks can lead to major damage to your home, including its foundation, ceilings, drywall, and more. Don’t let moisture enter your home and cause rot within your walls. Instead, contact PB Roofing so that we can patch up those leaks and keep moisture out!

FAQs about Storm Damage to Your Home

We will inspect every part of your roof and document any areas of damage or concern that we see. Common signs of storm damage include water leaks, missing or broken shingles and tiles, damaged flashing, and damaged gutters.
Yes. It is illegal for any contractor to waive or absorb your policy’s deductible. In some cases, policyholders may be asked for proof of payment for their deductible.
Our team is available to work with you and your public insurance adjuster by providing the necessary documentation they need to process your claim.

Hire a Team of Roofing Professionals You Can Trust

With over 30 years of experience in the industry behind us, our team is here to help homeowners and businesses throughout the Permian Basin with all of their roofing needs. From roofing repair or a new roof to meeting with an adjuster from your insurance company after a storm, we've got you covered. If it's time to find a roofing partner you can rely on for years to come, contact PB Roofing today to schedule a free inspection.

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